How to Use Reverse Image Search on Android Devices

Search the web using Reverse Image Search on Android.

Are you familiar with Google Image Search where you need to upload a photo to find results from the web? Have you tried to use it once?

Reverse Image Search on Android

It’s nice to know that today we are able to search on the internet using images to find related topics about it. This kind of tool is perfect if you are learning history, searching famous people’s autobiography, or finding the popular authors in the world.

But there is one thing Google Image Search is not capable of doing. That is to utilize its function on smaller devices like Android phones. That’s why Four Square Playground has made a guide on using Reverse Image Search for your convenience.

Reverse Image Search can be used in multiple devices including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Do you know how? It is very simple to use this program and I will show it to you on the latter part of this post.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse Image Search is a tool that can be accessed online. As long as you have the internet connection, you can use this program. It does not come with an application so you do not need to download and install it on your device.

Basically, the use of Reverse Image Search is to find specific and related results on the web using an image or photograph. Imagine you want to buy something on online shop but you don’t know what is the name of the product. It will be easier for you to upload the photo and find the specific name of it from the internet right?

That’s what Reverse Image Search do. To give you a quick result with just one click on the Upload button. It’s easier than typing all the letters from your keyboard but do not know if you are getting the exact result or you are typing the exact keyword for that item or photo.

Now, I have told you that Reverse Image Search can be used in smaller devices like Android phones. I will now show you how to do that.

Use Reverse Image Search on Android

In five easy steps, you’ll be able to search the web using your captured images and Reverse Image Search. How? Follow the guide below.

First: Click this link to open the reverse image search android and you will land to a website for this tool.

Second: You will see the Upload button. Click on that and it will open your media files.

RIS Upload button

Third: Capture an image of select a photo from your gallery that you want to search on Reverse Image Search.

Fourth: Wait while the tool uploads the image and searching for the results.

RIS Uploading photo

Fifth: Once the photo has been uploaded, click the Show Matches button and it will display all the searched results.

Sixth: If you want to search more using different image, just use the Upload Another button.

RIS Search Result

That’s it! I myself found this tool very easy and fun to use. To find more accurate results, use a clear photo, not blurred!


The Reverse Image Search on Android is such a useful tool for everyone. I swear, this program will be a big help especially to the students. Plus, it is available on smartphones as long as you have connection to the internet.

Have you tried Reverse Image Search already? Let me know in the comment section below if you found this tool useful and reliable. Thanks for reading!

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